With one of Taiwan’s tallest mountains and oceans on both sides, there is no end to the excitement in Pingtung. Each of the five themed tours— “Village Tour”, “Who Let the Kids Out?”, “Sea to Sky Adventure”, “Festival Fun”, and “Cultural Treasure Chest”— offers a slice of the cultural and natural wonder that is Pingtung. Take an opportunity to visit Indigenous communities deep in Pingtung’s mountains, learn of the history of the Indigenous settlements around the Gaoping River Basin, or come and taste the famous Liudui Hakka culture. In Pingtung, it’s easy to experience an astonishing diversity of peoples and lifestyles.
There are no limits to how you decide to experience Pingtung. Hike verdant mountains or swim in azure waters and set your body free; join city festivals or temple ceremonies and immerse yourself in joyous or stately cultural performances. Alternatively, stroll winding alleyways, sampling street food and experience flavors that take you back in time. Stillness or movement, playfulness or tranquility—it’s your choice. Choose from 36 suggested routes to customize a Pingtung adventure of your dreams.