Where is Pingtung?

Located on the southernmost tip of Taiwan and surrounded by ocean, Pingtung County is long and narrow and borders on Kaohsiung to the north and Taitung to the east. The whole county is south of the Tropic of Cancer and has all the natural beauty of a tropical environment, bringing with it the richness and warmth of the country’s southern culture and people. But more than its geographic location, Pingtung is a place that is waiting. Nestled between the sea and the mountains under the glimmer of the sun, with weather that is always fair, it quietly waits for all those who yearn for comfort.

Getting to Pingtung

  1. By car: Follow National Freeway 1 and transfer to National Freeway 3 or start on National Freeway 3 and follow it toward Changzhi Township’s Dehe Rd./Xinfa Highway/Taiwan Provincial Highway 27. Take the off-ramp from National Freeway 3 at exit 396 and you’ll arrive in Pingtung County.
  2. By train: Take a Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) train to Pingtung Station.
  3. High Speed Rail: Take an HSR train to Zuoying Station, transfer to a TRA train leaving from Xin Zuoying Station traveling to Pingtung Station.

For information on other modes of transport, please consult the 《Transportation Info》 page of the Pingtung County website.